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Drain with water

Need an emergency drainage expert? Call us. We cover all areas of the North West.

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Blocked Drains & Pipes

When your drains and pipes become blocked, you'll soon know about it on account of the unpleasant odour - not to mention the sight of sewage, stagnant water and foodstuffs emerging from your plughole.

Whether your outdoor drains are backed up and flooding your garden, or the water is refusing to budge from your kitchen sink, we'll identify the cause and get your drains free flowing again.

Plumber doing repair work on a drain.jpg
  • Exterior drain unblocking

  • Blockages removed from pipes

  • Pipes cleaned of oil, foodstuffs and other waste

  • Backed up sinks sorted

  • Fast, efficient methods

  • Keeping your property sanitary and free from nasty odours

Drain clearance the same day.

Drainage problems can be a nightmare, causing unsanitary, foul smelling and unhygienic conditions. This is a particular problem if you run a business and rely on regular custom.

For a prompt response from our emergency drainage consultants, give the team at Local Same Day Plumber & Drain Experts a call today.

Bathroom interior with claw foot bathtub

Blocked Toilets

It goes without saying that this issue can be something of a nightmare. If you've tried everything and the water is refusing to budge, you might need our help to get it resolved for you! We're quick, efficient and discreet when it comes to blocked toilet repair, so give us a call now for a rapid response.

  • Blocked toilets at home

  • Blocked urinals

  • Blocked commercial toilets

  • Emergency same-day callouts

  • Saniflo macerator unblocking

Blocked drains & pipes
Blocked toilets
Blocked sinks, showers & baths

Blocked Sinks, Showers & Baths

Sinks, showers and baths are meant to help us keep clean. Nobody wants to have to stand ankle deep in dirty water while they wash themselves, or be left with a sink that's threatening to overflow.

Using fast, proven techniques, we'll remove all blockages and restore the use of your sinks, showers and baths once more.

Bar soap and towel on ledge of claw foot tub
  • Bathroom sinks unblocked

  • Kitchen sinks unblocked

  • Shower cubicles unblocked

  • Baths unblocked

  • Wet room drains unblocked

  • Hair, food waste, grease, fat, debris and all other blockages removed

Camera Inspection

High Pressure Jetting Clearance

When your drains become clogged and the usual DIY methods have failed you, it lies to the experts to intervene and get your drains clean and clear using high-pressure jetting. This method will successfully free just about any blockage imaginable, leaving your drains completely cleared and restoring your water pressure to normal.

Contact us now to enquire.

  • Drains and pipes effectively cleared

  • Bad odours removed

  • Minimal time and mess

  • Descales your pipework

  • Frees blockages that conventional "do-it-yourself" methods won't be able to tackle

Drain Camera Inspection Surveys

The problems with drains can often lie deep underground where they can be notoriously difficult to detect without lengthy and disruptive excavation work.

Our CCTV drain inspection surveys will give you a clear picture of the problem in clear, easy-to-interpret HD, allowing us to take the necessary remedial measures quickly and cost-effectively.

Drainage Mole, underground tunnel camera
  • Easy identification of damaged or collapsed pipes

  • Identification of blockages

  • Saves the expense of excavation

  • Pinpoints the exact source of the issue

High Pressure Jetting Clearance
Drain Camera Inspection Surveys

Local drain clearance - 24/7.  All areas, every day.

Your local drain clearance experts in the North West

Based in Bolton and serving all areas of the North West. Call us for all your drain repairs and CCTV inspection needs on 07762 791042

Water draining down plughole

Call your local drainage consultants today.

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